Notification Content



A descriptive title for the notification, this will show as a small header above the alert’s text. This field is limited to 255 characters.


Set the text of the alert in the text field. You can use the format buttons to define headings, alignment, weight, colors and to add icons to the text. For more information about the controls, check the next link.

Notification Styles



Defines the style of the alert. The possible options are Success, Warning, Danger and Info. Each style has a color associated with it.


There are two template options: Default and Notification.

  • Default is a static alert that will be displayed on the page, inside the container of the web part.
  • Notification creates sliding-in alerts that appear on a custom position on the page. You can define the position after selecting this option on Placement dropdown.


The default alert includes 3 different layouts.

  • Solid Color: All the background has a color.
  • Basic: Bordered alert.
  • Light: Light bordered alert.
Default Temaplate / Default Default Temaplate / Success Default Temaplate / Warning
test.png test3.png test2.png
Default Temaplate / Danger Default Temaplate / Info
test4.png test5.png

The notification alerts includes 5 different layouts.

  • Basic: Default styles from Bootstrap.
  • Light: Light backgrounded alert.
  • Dark: Dark backgrounded alert.
  • Light icon: Light backgrounded alert, with icon next to title.
  • Dark icon: Dark backgrounded alert, with icon next to title.
Notification Template / Default Notification Template / Success Notification Template / Warning
test6.png test7.png test8.png
Notification Template / Danger Notification Template / Info
test9.png test10.png


Defines the horizontal or vertical positioning for the alert.

Notification Settings


Auto-hide delay

Here you can define the auto-hide interval, in seconds, for the alert. This option is only available if you have previously chosen the Notification template.


There are two options: Yes and No. If the alert is set to Yes, there will be an X element (on the top right side of the alert) so the user can dismiss the alert. If the user closes an alert, this means the alert will no longer be displayed to that user


There are two options: Active and Inactive. Inactive alerts will not be seen by anyone.

Target Users

This option uses the people picker SharePoint controller. It allows you to limit the alert to selected user(s) or group(s). If no user or groups are set, the alert will be visible for everyone with access to the site collection where the web part is applied.

If you plan to use Active Directory groups to target your content, please check this article.

Publishing Settings


Publishing dates

Set the date range during which the alert will be live on the page by defining both the Publish Start Date and Publish End Date.

After setting everything up, click on the Preview button if you want to see how everything looks on the page, or click on Save or Save and create another.


Clicking Save and create another will keep the form open, so you can add more alerts to your page without closing the form.