Chrome Type

In SharePoint, the Chrome is the title and border surrounding the content of a web part. This option allows you to set how and if this chrome will be displayed.

  • Default - No Title and no Border will appear
  • None - Same as Default.
  • Title and Border - The web part will display the title and a border
  • Title Only - The web part will display the title
  • Border Only - The web part will be outlinesby a border

Web Part Title

The title of the web part. This will show depending on the Chrome Type option.


Web Part URL

If the title is visble, clicking it will navigate to the provided URL. If a value isn't set, clicking the title won't navigate anywhere.

Web Part Tooltip

If the title is visible, hovering it will cause a tooltip to appear after a short while. The content provided here will be added to the tooltip


Right to Left

Using this option will change the web part's text orientation to go from right to left. The forms will not be affected